30 Things to Know About E-Filing Changes in Illinois

As the state court system in Illinois continues to migrate into an electronic filing (e-filing) based platform, the Supreme Court has rolled out Rule updates to improve the definitions, standards, and processes for which these technological changes have had an…
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Blockchain: What Does It Mean for the Legal Profession?

A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.” – first line of the whitepaper Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System by “Satoshi…
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RSS feed

Streamline Online Content With RSS

In this day and age, we must be increasingly selective about what and how we read. As the internet grows, so does the options for news and information delivery to our monitors, tablets, and phones. Such technological advances have forced…
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Two-Factor Authentication

How to Use Two-Factor Authentication

As we enjoy all the conveniences of the online world to make communication and access to information as easy as the literal push of a button, so comes the dramatic rise in digital crime and internet fraud. Just as you…
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google image search

How To Search Google With An Image

While you may have searched the web for the best meatloaf recipes or how to make playdough or a million other reasons, did you know you can search the web with an image instead of just words? Maybe you have…
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How To Take Screenshots

Suppose you want to save or show someone else exactly what you are looking at on your computer screen. There may be times when you cannot highlight and copy some text or a program window or an image. Using the…
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Technology in the Courtroom

5 Reasons to Use Technology in the Courtroom

Times have changed. Twenty years ago, the bench and bar showed resistance to the incorporation of technology in the courtroom on various levels – fear of the unknown, disassociation with change, monetary inadequacies, and even antiquated rules of procedure and…
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pacer illinois courts

What Can Illinois Courts Learn From PACER?

There is no doubting it, in the Illinois courts and circuit clerks’ offices around Illinois’ 102 counties, paper is king. But as we quickly approach the 2018 deadline for required electronic filing of documents in all civil cases by Order…
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