google image search

How To Search Google With An Image

While you may have searched the web for the best meatloaf recipes or how to make playdough or a million other reasons, did you know you can search the web with an image instead of just words? Maybe you have…
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How To Take Screenshots

It is clear that becoming conversant, if not proficient, in technology is now required for being a lawyer. It’s even written into a comment to Rule of Professional Conduct 1.1 that defines competence. So, promoting professionalism includes promoting technology. We…
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Technology in the Courtroom

5 Reasons to Use Technology in the Courtroom

Times have changed. Twenty years ago, the bench and bar showed resistance to the incorporation of technology in the courtroom on various levels – fear of the unknown, disassociation with change, monetary inadequacies, and even antiquated rules of procedure and…
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pacer illinois courts

What Can Illinois Courts Learn From PACER?

There is no doubting it, in the Illinois courts and circuit clerks’ offices around Illinois’ 102 counties, paper is king. But as we quickly approach the 2018 deadline for required electronic filing of documents in all civil cases by Order…
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