Working for Justice

New Chapter in Working for Justice

Earlier this month I happened to run into a few old friends. Actually, they probably still qualify as “new” friends as they were several of my former law students from the trial team I coach at the University of Illinois…
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Lawyers Serving Veterans

On Veterans Day, we as a nation remember the 22 million men and women who are veterans of our military. We should also remember that many of those 22 million need more than our thoughts. They need our help, from…
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pro bono

Pro Bono Service: Our Professional Lifeline

This week is Pro Bono Week and one of the many topics under discussion is how technology is transforming professionalism and pro bono service. Many decry the technology-related changes to the practice of law as a terrible shift toward a…
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effective speaking

Effective Speaking: It’s Complicated

It is frustrating to listen to a speaker and find yourself focused more on his or her verbal tics, an annoying tone, or not being able to hear what is being said. Lawyers, in particular, rely on their oral skills–in…
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Professional Responsibility CLE

Free Online Professional Responsibility CLE

In 2005, the Illinois Supreme Court instituted minimum continuing legal education requirements for Illinois lawyers. Concurrent with that decision, the Court also established the Commission on Professionalism to promote civility and professionalism among the Illinois bench and bar. Part of…
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Professionalism Tips for Young Attorneys

20 Professionalism Tips for Millennial Attorneys

In my job, I often get asked what “professionalism” means. The word is lengthy and so is the range of what it connotes. Professionalism as it relates to lawyers means being a competent, effective, respectful advocate for your client and the…
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Digital native Digital immigrant

Ending the “Digital Native” Millennial Stereotype

In a 2001 article, educator Mark Prensky coined two terms that have become ubiquitous in the past decade: “digital natives” and “digital immigrants.” According to Prensky, “digital natives” are those who “spent their entire lives surrounded by and using computers,…
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Continuing Legal Education

Adult Learning: How Do We Learn?

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation for a program called “Comings and Goings: The Lived Experiences of Survivors of Domestic Violence.” Presented by the Chicago Bar Association’s Alliance for Women, the program was advertised as an “interactive training…
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Happy Thanksgiving

With Deepest Thanks

Thanksgiving is a holiday to recall all the people to whom you are immensely grateful this year. We at the Commission suffer from an abundance of riches. As our mission is based on building collaborative relationships, we have been privileged…
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Measuring Progress in Professionalism

Over the next few weeks, the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism will be reaching out to 15,000 randomly selected lawyers around the state, asking them to complete a short survey designed to measure perceptions of professionalism and civility in…
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social media apps

The Lawyers’ Toolkit: LinkedIn

 Lawyers aren’t generally known as early adopters of technology, but even those not at the cutting edge are learning what LinkedIn can do to expand their professional reach.  From business development to case research, from seeking local counsel to seeking…
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My Generation

“Are you tired of people complaining about Millennials?” That question was met with a hearty, “Yes!” at the recent NALP Diversity and Inclusion Summit. The presenter, an expert on generational trends, echoed what our table had discussed only moments earlier:…
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