virtual mentoring

5 Virtual Mentoring Tips to Stay Engaged

For most Illinois attorneys, day-to-day work patterns have been upended since the coronavirus pandemic hit. In fact, our entire workforce has been challenged to find new avenues for delivering their goods and services. As the “how” is redefined along the…
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Four Reasons You Need A Mentor

Sure, you’ve been on the receiving side of learning your entire life. From parents to teachers, coaches, and colleagues, your fundamental years were likely rooted in education. As a new lawyer, it’s time to start advancing professionally. It’s time to…
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Judge Williams

The Impossible Dream of Judge Williams

I remember the first time I met United States 7th Circuit Judge Ann Claire Williams. I was a third year law student interviewing for post-graduation clerkships. I traveled to Chicago from Ann Arbor to interview with her. I walked into…
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root for failure

Root For Failure In Pursuit Of Success

We’re #1! We all want to be on the winning team, because failure doesn’t bring forth an immediate reward. Nevertheless, the closest many of us will come to competitive sports will be filling out our tournament bracket for college basketball this…
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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned From Little Ones

We discover valuable lessons throughout life, including lessons learned from the little ones crawling (or trying to crawl) at our feet. We watch our infants crawl around on the floor as they seek the next object to examine with close…
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Lawyer Mentoring

Lawyer Mentoring Takeaways

This spring, Illinois welcomed over 550 new attorneys to the profession. After graduating from law school and passing the bar exam, there is no doubt that this group is well-educated and well-informed about the fundamentals of the law. However, in…
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