Carnegie Report

Carnegie Report 10 Years Later: Live Like A Lawyer

Every fall, judges from across Illinois issue a “live like a lawyer” challenge to incoming law students as part of the Commission on Professionalism’s orientation program. Each student starting law school in Illinois has a chance to ask themselves that crucial…
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Banning Harassment in the Legal Profession

As a profession, we lawyers are notorious for thinking of worst-case scenarios. We are the most risk-adverse profession (possibly other than accountants). It’s what leads to our love of the “slippery slope argument.” Upholding Sub-Clause X to Schedule Y of…
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bar exam participant evaluation form

Should We End The Bar Exam?

Congratulations to our 2Civility interns, Julia Brook from the University of Illinois and Jessica Saitel from Loyola for passing the Illinois bar exam this past week. Jessica and Julia joined tens of thousands of recent law school graduates around the…
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Noncitizen Law Licenses

States Grapple with Undocumented Immigrant Law Licenses

Who can get law licenses? And who gets to decide? State supreme courts typically determine the qualifications of lawyers, issue law licenses and regulate attorney conduct. However, the legislative branches also have a say. Under federal law, public benefits, including professional licenses, cannot be extended to…
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Lawyer Millennials

Stop Complaining About Millennials

Over the past several years, I have heard many older workers complain about young people in the workplace. They leave work early, don’t complete their assignments on time, are not dressed professionally, request constant feedback, speak to their superiors as…
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Patricia Arquette The Oscars and Women

Reflections on the Oscars and Women

This past Sunday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences put on its 87th Oscars (Oscars is the official name now; no more “Academy Awards.”). You might have heard a bit of controversy about the Oscars this year. The…
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Legal Market Surveys Replaying Same Song Again

Legal Market Surveys: Replaying Same Song Again

Renewed optimism or replaying the same song over again? The results of a November 12, 2014 LexisNexis survey touted as revealing an increased sense of optimism within U.S. legal departments last year really reveals less about the state of the…
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Now Hiring New Lawyers

Now Hiring: New Lawyers!

“There are no jobs! There are no jobs! There are no jobs!” This not-so-secret mantra is repeated by new lawyers across the country. In a world where only 57% of the class of 2013 had secured a job within nine months…
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Lawyer Wanted

Bar Associations Also Benefit Big Law Associates

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Black Women’s Lawyers Association of Greater Chicago (BWLA) Annual Meeting. With approximately 100 lawyers in attendance, the meeting was a tremendous success. I spoke at the beginning of the…
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