Interupt Gender Bias of Speaking

Interrupt the Gender Bias of Speaking

Stereotypically speaking, women talk a lot. Statistically speaking, men talk more – at least within professional settings. Men tend to speak more frequently, loudly and dominantly than their female colleagues, which has effectively silenced many women in the workplace. The…
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Collaborative Leadership

Leadership Is Not Fear-Inducing

Should leadership tactics be different because of the changes engulfing the practice of law? Maybe. A dictatorial, hierarchical approach to management has flourished in many legal organizations over the past many decades. The managing partner or a department head would…
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Where Did Loyalty Go?

There’s no loyalty anymore! I’ve heard that accusation from both law firm partners and associates. But accusations don’t help us solve problems nor will they ever help us move forward. Rather, we need to start re-thinking the traditional employer-employee relationship,…
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Men Women Lawyers Empathy

Embrace the Empathy Piece

I have been catching up on business leadership books and articles lately, and have come to the conclusion that three skills essential for successful leadership going forward may leave lawyers in the dust unless we rapidly embrace them. They fall…
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Mind the Shortcuts

Let’s say as an associate you complete and turn in a first draft of a brief to the assigning partner. Do you trust/hope/assume that your work will be evaluated on its merits regardless of your gender or nationality? Perhaps you…
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asking questions

Is Asking The New Leading?

“A healthy thing now and then is to hang a question mark on things you have long taken for granted.”  ~Bertrand Russell, famous mathematician and philosopher. There exists a common sentiment that once you have made your way to the…
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