law school finals

A Guide to Surviving Law School Finals

It’s that time of year again when everyone is nearing a full-on holiday hustle. The weather gets colder and the days are shorter. Gifts need to be purchased and decorations carefully placed. Meanwhile anxious students tackle law school finals. For…
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confront bias

Loyola Law Confronts Bias in New Course

The U.S. Census Bureau projects that America is rapidly moving toward a majority-minority nation. The U.S. population is expected to be minority white in 2042. However, the legal profession is still largely non-diverse. These shifting demographics have caught the attention…
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Jumpstart for Diverse Students

Giving Diverse Law Students a Jumpstart

Do you remember your first day of law school? I do – vaguely. I remember walking into the Gothic hall that held the new first year class at the University of Michigan Law School. I remember a chaotic blur of…
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legal technology law school

Legal Technology Has A Home In Law School Education

Ever since the American Bar Association modified “Competence” Model Rule 1.1, comment 8 in 2012 requiring lawyers to “keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, including the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology,” legal technology focused articles and commentary have flourished (just see #legaltech). And…
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Carnegie Report

Carnegie Report 10 Years Later: Live Like A Lawyer

Every fall, judges from across Illinois issue a “live like a lawyer” challenge to incoming law students as part of the Commission on Professionalism’s orientation program. Each student starting law school in Illinois has a chance to ask themselves that crucial…
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The Evolution of Law School Orientation

Law School Orientation: A Win-Win For The Profession

Ten years ago, I started the Commission on Professionalism, alongside only one other employee, the former Executive Director, Cheryl Niro. We were working out of our homes. It would be several more months before we opened the office doors.  Our…
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Civility Education

Making Civility Education A Law School Standard

The measurement of one’s ability to foster respect for fellow citizens, the law, and the legal profession – to have civility – is a requirement for admission into the practice of law. In Illinois, a future lawyer’s character and fitness…
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international lawyer

Dear New Lawyer: Welcome to America

In 1872, a young man named Hong Yen Chang, a native of China, traveled to the United States as part of a Chinese educational program. Between 1872 and 1886, he attended Andover, Yale and Columbia Law. After graduating from Columbia,…
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Law School Debt Crisis

U.S. News and the Law School Debt Crisis

The U.S. News and World Report Law School rankings came out on Monday and, with them, the congratulatory press releases from well-ranked law schools, and the “rankings shouldn’t matter” announcements from lower-ranked ones. So far, at least one law school has…
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Reframe fear of networking

Networking for Law Students (Lawyers, too) Part 2

In Networking for Law Students (Lawyers, too) Part 1, we talked about the natural aversion that many people have to networking, and proposed thinking about it in a different way to make it less stressful. We also suggested advantages that…
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