Justice for All

Who Can Work Toward Justice For All?

I am currently recovering from foot surgery. My surgeon’s Physician Assistant handled my pre-operative visit and my first post-operative visit. Although I would have preferred to see my surgeon, I understand that his expertise was not necessary to review lab…
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Does Civics Make Us Americans

Should civics be taught in U.S. schools? Steven Spielberg might say yes. In his new Cold War-era movie, “Bridge of Spies,” Tom Hanks plays a real-life insurance lawyer, James Donovan, who takes on a very unpopular pro bono case defending…
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justice system

Rating the Justice System

The state of the civil litigation system has long been lamented by lawyers and laymen alike. How does Illinois’ civil litigation system rank? Not well, apparently. A recent study ranked Illinois’ justice system 48th out of the 50 states—a ranking…
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What is Justice

What is Justice?

This past weekend across Chicago, citizens gathered in worship and other settings to remember Emmett Till who was killed 60 years ago.  The groups also commemorated where we are as a society, supposedly characterized by the rule of law and…
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Lawyer Near Me

Search: Lawyer Near Me

Have you ever done a lawyer near me search? Over the past two decades, the Internet has transformed how people find services—from listening to music to shopping to watching movies. It has also changed how we find lawyers and legal…
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Law Day Equal Justice Under Law

Law Day: Why Should We Care

Why should we care about a document signed 800 years ago? On June 15, 1215, an English document called the Magna Carta (or, Great Charter) was signed by King John. Under duress by the barons, King John gave up his…
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Restorative Justice

Changing the Dialogue Through Restorative Justice

What if we could develop programs that would reduce crime, keep at-risk children in school, reduce the burden on criminal courts and prisons, and involve communities in the process? Sound too good to be true? A number of court systems,…
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Justice Robert Thomas

Lawyers: Stem the Crisis of Trust

“As we gather tonight, our nation is suffering a crisis of trust. As officers and agents of the law, our response must not be to give in to that sense of mistrust, to give in to cynicism and despair. Instead,…
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Lawyers at the Polls on Election Day

How do you feel about Election Day? For those working to elect a particular candidate, it is a big day, full of hard work and roller coaster emotions. For many others, especially when it is not a presidential election or…
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Do Americans Want A Right To Be Forgotten?

Earlier this year, I wrote about an interesting case out of the EU’s Court of Justice. That Court ruled that EU nationals have a “right to be forgotten.” Practically it meant that search engines, in this case Google, have to…
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Access Blocked To Justice?

Ferguson, MO stories are dominating the news feeds and my thoughts. I’m feeling a profound sadness that the reality and dialogue around the issue of race haven’t changed much in decades. Also a sadness that the legal system that I…
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