legal aid lawyers

A Thank You to Legal Aid Lawyers

It’s time to thank legal aid lawyers. The annual national Pro Bono Week (October 22nd-26th) has started. You probably think this blog is going to delve into why lawyers should do pro bono work. Think again. There is already plenty…
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Justice Gap

You Are the Answer to the Access to Justice Gap

“Stop asking what the answer is, be the answer.” Toussaint Romain, former Assistant Public Defender of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Defender’s Office, challenged all attendees with this statement at the end of the third annual Illinois Supreme Court Commission on…
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Does the Constitution Protect All Americans?

This weekend, an appointed committee of ABA members will meet to vote on the Silver Gavel Awards. We’ve written about them here before. The “Oscars of the legal profession,” the Silver Gavel Awards recognize the best work in media and the…
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Miranda Turns 50: Justice Begins With A Warning

In 2016, the nation marks the 50th anniversary of perhaps the nation’s best-known U.S. Supreme Court case, Miranda v. Arizona. This year’s May 1st Law Day 2016 theme is based on the case and celebrating its anniversary – Miranda: More Than…
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Justice for All

Who Can Work Toward Justice For All?

I am currently recovering from foot surgery. My surgeon’s Physician Assistant handled my pre-operative visit and my first post-operative visit. Although I would have preferred to see my surgeon, I understand that his expertise was not necessary to review lab…
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Does Civics Make Us Americans

Should civics be taught in U.S. schools? Steven Spielberg might say yes. In his new Cold War-era movie, “Bridge of Spies,” Tom Hanks plays a real-life insurance lawyer, James Donovan, who takes on a very unpopular pro bono case defending…
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justice system

Rating the Justice System

The state of the civil litigation system has long been lamented by lawyers and laymen alike. How does Illinois’ civil litigation system rank? Not well, apparently. A recent study ranked Illinois’ justice system 48th out of the 50 states—a ranking…
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What is Justice

What is Justice?

This past weekend across Chicago, citizens gathered in worship and other settings to remember Emmett Till who was killed 60 years ago.  The groups also commemorated where we are as a society, supposedly characterized by the rule of law and…
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Lawyer Near Me

Search: Lawyer Near Me

Have you ever done a lawyer near me search? Over the past two decades, the Internet has transformed how people find services—from listening to music to shopping to watching movies. It has also changed how we find lawyers and legal…
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