Lawyer Advertising Rules

Lawyer Advertising Rules: Overhaul Needed

The Model Rules related to lawyer advertising desperately need to be revised.  This was the universal opinion expressed at a public forum at last week’s American Bar Association meeting.  A recurrent theme expressed by the over a dozen speakers was…
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sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment Reflections from a Judge

With all of the sexual harassment allegations flying around the state and the nation, and with the continued drumroll of the #MeToo movement, I recently paused to reflect and celebrate. #MeToo Reflections My reflections took me back to my young…
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lawyer advertising rules

Do Our Lawyer Advertising Rules Need Reform?

Advertising can be a big ethics trap for lawyers.  What lawyers can and cannot say or do in describing their services is laid out in lawyer advertising rules adopted by the state supreme courts. Most state supreme courts refer to…
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Grading TV Lawyers

Grading TV Lawyers: Ethics vs. Entertainment

See full infographic. I can’t say whether Perry Mason and Matlock fueled my childhood interest in becoming a lawyer, but, like many Americans, I’ve always enjoyed watching TV lawyer shows. So I tuned in to watch a new show, The…
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lawyer ethics

Lawyer Ethics and Advertising

You’ve all seen the cringe-worthy legal ads on TV, billboards, at the movies, in your Twitter feeds. Hire Lawyer X who is the most aggressive, obnoxious, etc. Many would say the ads are in bad taste. Should this be allowed…
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Lawyer Advertising and Solicitation 2.0

One of our favorite topics here at the Commission is the effect of technology on our profession and on professionalism. Many of the blog posts at the Commission share a common theme: The rewards of using technology greatly outweigh the…
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ethical rules

Technology As Legal Asset

Those of us with teenage children know that “texting” is the preferred communication method of the young. But texting is no longer just for casual conversations between friends. Increasingly, texting has become the modus operandi of our clients and others…
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