Women Lawyers Leadership

Women Lawyers Lean In To Leadership

We all know the numbers — women are graduating from law school in equal numbers to men, and even joining law firms in the same proportion, but women lawyers are not making it into key attorney leadership roles. When Eugena…
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Wage Gap

Wage Gap Depends on the Industry, Not the Person

An article in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune on tradeswomen reminded me that talking about the pay gap requires specificity about the industry. The article, about the rise of women in trade professions, noted that according to the Department of Labor, women…
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talk about race

Lawyers: Let’s Talk About Race in America

In her best-selling novel, Americanah, Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie relates a story about two Nigerian immigrants shopping in America. Her characters, Ginika and Ifemelu, go into a store to buy a dress. There are two sales clerks in the…
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gender pay gap

Gender Pay Gap and Changing Organizational Structures

Another Women’s History Month has passed with little fanfare and no significant milestones to celebrate. Certainly not when it comes to the gender pay gap. In March, in honor of Women’s History Month, the Census Bureau released new wage data….
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Gender Bias Ellen Pao Case

Gender Bias: Pao Lost the Trial But Not the War

The jury was swift last week as it handed down a highly anticipated verdict against Ellen Pao after just two days of deliberation. Pao, a former partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, sued the Silicon Valley venture capital firm…
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The Ballad of Jackie Robinson West

People often mistake me for African-American. That’s fair. I’ve lived in this country for 14 years. But I was neither born here nor grew up here so I often correct them and say I’m Jamaican. Black yes, but not African-American….
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Diversity Lawyers

The Microsoft Diversity Gamble

I’ve been to many diversity conferences over the years. I’ve even blogged about some of them. One common theme in these conferences is that we all want a more diverse legal profession and we all need to work hard to…
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One Nation. One Team.

Friday is the 4th of July. And this year, a traditionally non-American sport will take center stage this Independence week. The United States men’s soccer team will play in the World Cup for a chance at the quarterfinals. Their team…
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Generational Y

Awaiting the “Z” Change

We know why marketing and advertising firms love to dissect and analyze each generation.  The theory is that consumers are generally brand loyal and change-averse–get someone using your products early, and you will have a customer for life—or at least,…
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Technology Fosters Inclusiveness

The legal profession is currently under siege by stressors challenging the paradigm of success that has been the touchstone of lawyers for generations.  Technology is a major change agent disrupting the status quo.  It also is putting a spotlight on…
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legal and judicial systems

Journey2Civility: Including Whom?

This is the sixth post in a multi-part series looking back at the history and work of the Commission on Professionalism as we look forward to launching our new communications channel “2Civility.” You will see it soon—April brings a fresh…
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shades of black

Fifty Shades of Black

President Obama identifies as black. Of course, biologically speaking, he has as much genetic reason to identify as white; his mother was white and his father was black. But no one, including the President, would call him white. Why? Part of…
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