lawyer diversity

Lawyer Diversity: The Future is Now

This is the last in my Future is Now: Legal Services 2.017 conference wrap-up posts. I am incredibly grateful to all of the speakers who shared their perspectives with a packed audience last month. Another theme that emerged from the…
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women of color lawyers pipeline program

Changing the Future for Women of Color Lawyers

If you ever attend a Black Women Lawyers’ Association meeting, you might be surprised by a tradition they have. Every meeting, every single person in the room stands up and announces three things: their name, where they work, and whether…
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Own Bias

Can We Recognize And Acknowledge Our Own Bias?

Reflecting on our reaction to Donald Trump’s words and behavior throughout the election of 2016 provides an opportunity to examine our conscious and unconscious bias. Our life experiences affect our beliefs, even if we aren’t aware that it is happening. …
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black millennials

Let’s Talk Black Millennials

In my four and a half years of working at the Commission on Professionalism, and speaking around the state and country, absolutely nothing has gotten my audience as engaged (read: riled up) as talking about millennials in the workplace. As…
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Groundhog Day for Diversity Leaders

It’s my favorite time of the year, Oscar season. I love both movies and awards shows so I have watched (and rewatched) every Oscars since, likely, birth. Now perhaps you’ve seen the hashtag around the Oscars this year, #OscarsSoWhite. Does…
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women lawyers

Will Women Lawyers Embrace Fashion Faux Pas?

Earlier this week, two elder stateswomen of the Millennial generation offered some career advice suitable for women lawyers: when you can’t beat ‘em, transform the game. On Tuesday night, Serena Williams played her older sister Venus for the 27th time,…
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