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Can Justice Be Served Online?

I recently had an experience with online dispute resolution.  And it wasn’t pretty.  I am embarrassed to admit it all came about when I clicked on an alluring ad for a face cream.  I charged $4.95 on my credit card and within a few days, received the product (curiously absent any packing slip or documentation) in the mail.  My enjoyment of the smooth and glowing effects of the face cream came to an abrupt end when the next month’s credit care bill came with a charge for an additional $94.99.

That’s when I switched into zealous advocacy.  I disputed the charge, asked for documentation showing I ordered or received the product, disputed the documentation of a recurring monthly charge that the company put forward, and appealed the denial of my dispute.

READ MORE Bench & Bar, the newsletter of the Illinois State Bar Association’s Bench & Bar Section, April 2017 Vol 47 No 9

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