Ethical case for diversity

The Ethical Case for Diversity

We’ve tried the moral case for diversity—it’s the right thing to do. And the business case for diversity—it’s good for business. Yet the legal profession remains stubbornly non-diverse. Maybe it’s time for a new approach—the ethical case for diversity. If…
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workplace civility

Workplace Civility: Leaders Can Make a Difference

It’s been a tough road to hoe in the civility business.  Surveys and anecdotes about the caustic uncivil interactions in America—particularly in politics—abound. But there is a bright spot on the horizon.  A recent survey shows that in workplaces where…
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Diversity and Well-Being Education Focused on Change

By 2044, our country will become a majority-minority nation. And yet, the legal profession that represents it remains 85% white, more so at the highest levels of the profession. Meanwhile, despite the massive entry of women into the workplace over…
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legal talent

An Institute for the Future of New Legal Talent

Legal services are not being deployed in the way they were a few years (or a hundred years) back.  Which means we need lawyers trained with new skills using new methodologies.  And unfortunately, law schools are not equipped at this…
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The Future Is Now 2.019

What’s NOT Going To Change?

I had the pleasure of closing The Future is Now: Legal Services 2.018 conference earlier this month. The day was exhilarating.  From Chief Justice Karmeier’s opening remarks until the last town hall meeting, about 400 participants were challenged to incorporate…
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Innovation is More than Having an App

In the last of our conference preview blogs, I highlight two of our speakers who will expand our thinking about the meaning of innovation. When we talk about innovations in law, many of us go right to technology.  The advice…
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How to Close the Access to Justice Gap?

Do most people in this country believe the words of the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance?  Does our republic truly stand for “liberty and justice for all”? The gap between the words of our Pledge of Allegiance and the experience of…
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future law legal profession path

The Path Forward Begins with Engagement

Who gets the benefit of the doubt?  Too often it has been those who look or act like those in power.  This is an unproductive paradigm that we cannot afford to hold up in the legal profession any longer. The…
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