ATJ Commission Releases Updated Financial Affidavit Forms for Family & Divorce Cases

Earlier this week, the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice (ATJ Commission) announced the completion of its annual review of the Financial Affidavit suite of forms for use in Family & Divorce Cases.

Patrons should immediately discontinue the use of the forms published in 2016 and begin using the newly published documents linked below.

List of Updated Forms

The suite now includes several new forms supplementing the revised Financial Affidavit. The suite as a whole includes the following:

  1. Getting Started Financial Affidavit (Family & Divorce Cases)
  2. How to Complete a Financial Affidavit (Family & Divorce Cases)
  3. Financial Affidavit (Family & Divorce Cases)
  4. Additional My Employment/Business (Financial Affidavit)
  5. Additional Health Insurance (Financial Affidavit)
  6. Additional My Debts (Financial Affidavit)
  7. Additional Cash and Cash Equivalents (Financial Affidavit)
  8. Additional Certificates of Deposit (Financial Affidavit)
  9. Additional Cash and Prepaid Debit Cards (Financial Affidavit)
  10. Additional Investment Accounts and Securities (Financial Affidavit)
  11. Additional Investment/Brokerage Accounts, Mutual Funds, and Secured or Unsecured Notes (Financial Affidavit)
  12. Additional Real Estate (Financial Affidavit)
  13. Additional Motor Vehicles (Financial Affidavit)
  14. Additional Business Interests (Financial Affidavit)
  15. Additional Life Insurance Policies (Financial Affidavit)
  16. Additional Valuable Collectibles (Financial Affidavit)
  17. Additional Other Personal Property Valued Over $500 (Financial Affidavit)
  18. Additional Transfer or Sale of Assets or Property (Financial Affidavit)
  19. Additional Lawsuits and Claims (Financial Affidavit)
  20. Additional Retirement Benefits and Deferred Compensation (Financial Affidavit)

Click here to access the forms page, or click here to access the Divorce, Child Support, and Maintenance page. Please note, these Financial Affidavit forms are required for usage in all Illinois courts by statute 750 ILCS 5/501(a)(1).

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