ATJ Commission Releases Redesigned Statewide Standardized Form Sets

The Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice (ATJ Commission) has released the first court forms published in the redesigned format.

This release includes three statewide standardized court forms:

  1. The Civil Fee Waiver form set;
  2. The Adult Name Change form set; and
  3. The Minor Name Change form set.

The Adult Name Change and Minor Name Change form sets were also updated to comply with law changes per Public Act 102-1133.

The ATJ Commission has been offering a short virtual training for court stakeholders who would like to learn more about the form redesign, rollout plan, and procedures for accepting old and new versions of the forms.

Register for the training on Wednesday, January 17 here:

For more information, please email

Additionally, the ATJ Commission has released an update to the Motion to Remove an Eviction Court File from Public Record form set. The new form set is available here.

Redesigning Illinois standardized court forms

In accordance with its 2023-2028 Strategic Plan, the ATJ Commission will continue to prioritize updating standardized forms to promote and enhance equal access to justice in Illinois.

The updates include automating forms and translating them into languages relevant to Illinois court users, as well as streamlining processes to ensure forms are easy to file online and in person.

For a list of standardized statewide court forms that have been approved by the A2J Commission, click here. All Illinois courts must accept these forms.

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