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ATJ Commission Approves a New Suite of Eviction Forms for Public Comment

The Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice (ATJ Commission) recently announced that the Motion to Seal Court File in an Eviction Case form suite is available for comment for 45 days, through March 3, 2023.

This new form set is meant to help self-represented litigants request to seal their eviction court files.

The forms and a link to submit comments can be found on the Illinois Supreme Court website.

After the public comment period ends, the ATJ Commission will review any feedback or suggestions received and make any necessary revisions.

What eviction forms are available for comment?

The proposed new forms include:

  • Getting Started Motion to Seal Court File in Eviction Case
  • How to File & Send a Motion to Seal Court File in Eviction Case
  • Motion to Seal Court File in Eviction Case
  • Order to Seal Court File in Eviction Case

The forms direct readers to how-to guides and other helpful resources, including Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO).

The forms are ADA compliant and use plain language to make them more easily understandable to the average court user.

Self-represented eviction cases in Illinois

Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have increased financial stress for many individuals, leading to potential evictions. To mitigate the number of evictions, several states including Illinois issued various eviction moratoriums and rent assistance measures.

ILAO assisted with 33,000 Illinois evictions in 2022, according to their annual report.

The Illinois Supreme Court also reported in their 2021 Annual Report that, generally, nearly 72,000 new cases were filed by SRLs in Illinois circuit courts.

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