Ann Claire Williams: Advice for Lawyers

There is only so little time in a young lawyer’s work schedule to engage in pro bono, Judge Ann Claire Williams of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals readily acknowledged in my interview with her. However, it is important that young lawyers believing in themselves and recognize the sacrifices that others have made so they may pursue their goals. Some incorporate pro bono work at the beginning of their careers, and others wait to gain a reputation before embarking down that path. Either way, Judge Williams stresses the importance and rewards of giving back.

As founder of the Just the Beginning Foundation, Judge Williams explains her passion for exposing children from under-represented groups who may have some interest in law to the daily practices and functions of the legal community. Because so many are not fortunate to understand exactly what lawyers and judges do, or even the steps to take to become involved in the legal profession, the foundation aspires to help these young children understand the process. Watch this video to hear Judge Williams’ inspiring reflections on the challenges and benefits of a career in the law.

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