• Millennial Attorneys

    20 Tips for Rising Millennial Attorneys

    Last year, I wrote an article offering professionalism tips to Millennial attorneys. The feedback was terrific, but some of the responses pointed out that Millennials aren’t always first or second year attorneys. Instead many, like myself, have been practicing for…
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  • less civility

    Are Young Lawyers Less Civilized?

    What is civility? Civility is an art, attitude, and behavior. It is the act of being able to politely disagree during discourse and the ability to remain respectful in the midst of a tense situation. Moreover, it is resisting the…
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  • Courthouse Professionalism

    Courthouse Professionalism: Not Just for Judges and Lawyers

    For those of you who work in a courthouse or go to court on a regular basis: have you ever stopped to consider the administration of justice from the perspective of an average person visiting the courthouse for the first…
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  • Slowness Moment

    A Case For Slowness In The Legal Profession

    The ancient Greeks had two words to express the notion of time: chronos and kairos. The former was used to connote chronological time, and the latter was used to connote a qualitatively different kind of time– a moment of indeterminate…
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LAP and Commission To Host Free Mindfulness CLE

The high-pressure environment. The demand for perfection. The win-at-all costs expectation. Stress-related factors like these have placed lawyers at the very bottom of the list when rating the mental health of today’s white collar professionals. Fortunately, there are a number…
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Posted by on May 23, 2016

California State Bar Splitting in 2019

Last month, word surfaced that the world’s largest mandatory bar may (and will likely) break into two separate entities within the next few years. In April, Dennis Mangers, a board of Trustees Member of the California State Bar Association, drafted…
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Posted by on May 16, 2016