• Pay athletes Pay law students

    Should We Pay Law Students for Clinics and Externships?

    The NCAA just wrapped up another hugely successful March Madness tournament. A hugely profitable one too. While these…
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  • Healthy Pessimism

    Is There a Healthy Dose of Pessimism?

    For better or worse, negativity plays a huge role in the legal profession. The legal field boasts a…
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  • talk about race

    Lawyers: Let’s Talk About Race in America

    In her best-selling novel, Americanah, Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie relates a story about two Nigerian immigrants shopping…
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  • Governor Bruce Rauner

    Calling the Judiciary “Corrupt” Isn’t Civil

    It was a heck of a week for the judiciary in Illinois. The least talked-about of the three…
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Future Law

Self-regulation in the legal profession

Self-Regulation in the Legal Profession

What does the United States Supreme Court decision holding that the North Carolina Dental Board violated anti-trust law…
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Can the legal profession learn from 'House of Cards'?'

Can Legal Profession Learn from House of Cards?

Like millions, I was counting the days until I could watch season 3 of “House of Cards”. Netflix…
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Golden Delivery Methods

Golden New Delivery Methods

What do last month’s Golden Globe Awards, the State of the Union address and lawyers have in common?…
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Lawyer Spotlight

Sheila Markin Nielsen

Sheila Markin Nielsen: Nielsen Career Consulting

For the past 30 years I have been counseling and coaching attorneys with career problems and helping them…
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Craig Annunziata: Fisher & Phillips LLP

My primary practice has been in the area of employment litigation and counseling on the management side since entering…
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Jared Milrad: Civic Legal Corps

I attended law school at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts with plans to become a…
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Washington State Supreme Court Allows LLLT’s to Have Minority Stake in Law Practices

The Washington Supreme Court recently entered an Order amending its Rules of Professional Conduct to allow Limited Licensed…
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Hellenic Bar Association Members Participate in Mentoring Programs

The Hellenic Bar Association (HBA) held an event on April 15, 2015 to recognize participants in their Lawyer-to-Lawyer…
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Teleconference on Diversity and Mentoring in the Workplace

There is still time to register for the April 22, 2015 teleconference on “Diversity in the Workplace: Are Mentors…
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In Print

Equality in Legal Profession

The Pay Gap In The Legal Field Is Significant

Earlier in March, the Census Bureau released new data in honor of Women’s History Month. Once again, among…
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Working Mothers Legal Career

Easier To Exit Than Return

It’s no secret: women attorneys leave the legal industry at a much higher rate than men do. Despite…
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Right to be Forgotten in America

The Second Act: Will America Get A “Right To Be Forgotten”?

In 1927, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote: “There are no second acts in American lives.” He was wrong, of…
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