• developing an online course

    10 Tips for Building Your First Online Course

    I remember the first time I took an online course. It was in 2007, around the time I decided to learn to drive (of all the things that should be taught online). The course was an audio stream. The instructor…
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  • pro bono panel program

    Law Firm Support Sought for Municipal Court Pro Bono Panel Program

    The legal system can be a scary place full of unknowns for a pro se litigant trying to maneuver through a case. Add in a jury demand and attorney representation for the adverse party and the intimidation from the unknowns…
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  • Law School Reflections

    Law School Reflections

    Since law school graduation, I find myself in the same position as all 2016 graduates — no longer a law student, but not yet a lawyer. While I think about my future law practice a great deal, I think even…
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  • Millennial Attorneys

    20 Tips for Rising Millennial Attorneys

    Last year, I wrote an article offering professionalism tips to Millennial attorneys. The feedback was terrific, but some of the responses pointed out that Millennials aren’t always first or second year attorneys. Instead many, like myself, have been practicing for…
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Silver Gavel Awards Honor Legal Media + Entertainment

Did you know the legal profession has its own version of the Academy Awards? The Academy gives out a Gold Oscar; we give out a Silver Gavel. For the last 59 years, the Silver Gavel Awards, put on by the…
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Posted by on June 24, 2016

Women Lawyers Gaining Representation in Law Firms

Gender inequality in the workplace has been a hot topic in the media for quite some time now and we’ve frequently reported on it here at the Commission on Professionalism. For example, as we’ve written before, male lawyers are three…
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Posted by on June 15, 2016