• Jackie Robinson West Rally Millennium Park

    The Ballad of Jackie Robinson West

    People often mistake me for African-American. That’s fair. I’ve lived in this country for 14 years. But I…
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  • Blocked Access To Justice

    Access Blocked To Justice?

    Ferguson, MO stories are dominating the news feeds and my thoughts. I’m feeling a profound sadness that the…
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  • Law Firms

    How To Survive BigLaw

    Congratulations new attorney! You’ve studied for countless exams, drafted epic outlines, and can, after weeks of bar study,…
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  • Argument

    Dear Uncivil Colleague

    Readers, I have a problem. I’ve spent the last ten years doing my best to be counted among…
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Lawyer Spotlight

Jack Cranley.JLB edit

Jack Cranley: Action Law Center

My primary practice is that of traditional general practitioner. I handle civil matters, plaintiff and defense, estates, trusts…
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Carol Casey

Carol Casey: Office of the Cook County Public Guardian

I currently supervise the Public Guardian’s legal staff in six child protection courtrooms. We are the attorneys and…
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Mary Curry

Mary Curry: U.S. District Court Northern District of Illinois

I began my legal career as a law clerk in the Chancery Division. I first worked for the…
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Profiles in Professionalism

Thomas R. Fitzgerald

Thomas Fitzgerald Champion of Process

As he humbly recounts his heroic accomplishments of cleaning up the traffic court, instituting night court for criminal…
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Ilana Rovner Civility in the Legal Profession

Judge Ilana Rovner discusses the importance of civility in our legal culture and how her passion for civility…
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Ann Claire Williams Advice for Lawyers

There is only so little time in a young lawyer’s work schedule to engage in pro bono, Judge…
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Future Law

The Technology of Truth

“Do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but…
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The Startup Legal Profession

The legal industry has been disrupted, permanently. The law is no longer the provenance of those with law…
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#TweetSearch: Using Twitter for Legal Research

We’ve written about the importance of technology and social media in our profession, and how social media has…
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Be Not Afraid: Thinking Positively About the Future

The emergence and proliferation of legal startups and the growing incorporation of new technology within the legal industry…
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Illinois Supreme Court Building Officially Reopens

The Illinois Supreme Court issued a press release on August 27, 2014 announcing the officially reopening of the Supreme…
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Illinois Chief Justice, Rita Garman, Shares Wisdom With Incoming Law Students

On August 22, 2014, Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Rita Garman spoke with University of Illinois College of…
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Key Takeaways from National Legal Mentoring Conference

An article by Morgan Smith, Program Administrator of Dykema’s Mentoring Program, was featured in the August 2014 issue…
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In Print

Text Messaging

Texts, Ethics and Other Thoughts on Technology

Those of us with teenage children know that “texting” is the preferred communication method of the young. But…
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Collaborative Practice

The Truth About Millennials And Building Collaborative Practices

“Are you tired of people complaining about millennials?” That question was met with a hearty, “Yes!” at the…
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Mentoring Lawyers

As The Law Changes Mentoring Does Too

Lawyers generally agree that mentoring for new lawyers is more important than ever.  Today’s challenging job market, the…
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