MJ Cartwright: Positive Impact = Online Dispute Resolution with the Judiciary

Almost 40 percent of people who resolve legal cases through online dispute resolution (ODR) wouldn’t have been able to get to the courthouse. For many, scheduling, transportation and other impediments to access stand in their way.

In response, convenient and accessible dispute resolution alternatives are cropping up on the internet. To date, tens of thousands of ODR cases have been resolved online. And strong efficacy, positive experiences with the judiciary and faster time to resolution have been reported.

What’s the current impact of ODR on our judiciary and the Rule of Law? How can lawyers be part of this positive and necessary change?

About MJ Cartwright

MJ Cartwright is the CEO of Court Innovations. She has led the strategy and built the team to take the Matterhorn online dispute resolution (ODR) platform from an academic idea in 2014 to a platform in use by over 50 locations in 10 U.S. states in 2019.

Throughout her career, MJ has successfully applied her engineering and business education, and her leadership and relationship-building skills, in industries including manufacturing, healthcare and now dispute resolution. MJ participates in several court-industry task forces and initiatives, including the IJIS Courts Advisory Committee. She speaks at conferences and workshops nationally and internationally on ODR initiatives.

MJ’s vision is for expanded access to justice via technology. In partnership with court and alternative dispute resolution leaders, the Matterhorn platform enables people to resolve cases “in” and “outside” court.

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