The Future Is Now 2.019

The Future Is Now: Legal Services 2.019 is a TED-like conference that brings together lawyers and other legal professionals to discuss innovations in the delivery of legal services. The Future Is Now fosters learning, inspiration, and conversations that matter. The 2019 theme is The Rule of Law Amid Change.

When: Thursday, May 16, 2019, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Where: Venue SIX10, 610 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60605

The conference is approved for 5.0 hours of professional responsibility CLE credit in Illinois, including .5 hours of diversity and inclusion CLE.

New Normal of Legal Services

The delivery of legal services is evolving rapidly. Technology is providing new ways to communicate, collaborate, and organize our work. However, implementation is uncovering ethical challenges.

Traditional legal service models fail to meet the needs of a significant portion of our society. In addition, technologists and others without JDs increasingly operate in a space that was previously the exclusive province of lawyers.

Clearly, there’s a new normal in our profession. To adapt and thrive, we need to think like true innovators. Many agree that efficient delivery of legal services is a win-win for everyone – attorneys and clients alike. But how do we get there while upholding the core values of our profession?

The Rule of Law Amid Change

The Rule of Law is a principle of governance that includes equality, accountability, accessibility, and transparency. Adhering to the Rule of Law is essential despite, or perhaps because of, the new normal playing out in our profession.

The Future Is Now will feature compelling talks on embracing and promoting the Rule of Law amid industry change. Lawyers, entrepreneurs, and professors from across the country will present on topics like evolving alternative legal landscapes, access to justice innovation, legal technology, blueprints for change, and more.

Town hall discussions will be scheduled throughout the conference. Participants will have the opportunity to ask speakers questions and react to topics through The Future Is Now conference app.

In our evolving legal landscape there isn’t just one path forward. We must all engage in innovative and alternative solutions that will benefit the profession, our clients, and society alike.


Rich Lee: Data Security: You Can Do More Than You Think

Attorneys are counselors and problem solvers at times when there’s a lot on the line — money, reputation and even freedom. Attorneys are trusted with highly sensitive data, like personal client information and business strategies. If the data are lost, leaked or…
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Blake D. Morant: The Essentiality of Civility

The First Amendment right to speak freely has become a moniker for unabashed expressive behavior without any acceptance of the accompanying responsibility to exercise that right respectfully. At its core, this notion of uninhibited, anti-politically correct speech has dimmed the…
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Robin Steinberg: The Human Cost of Cash Bail

In the past 20 years, increases in pretrial detention have accounted for 100 percent of jail growth in the U.S. The human cost is vast and intergenerational. Pretrial detention exposes people to increased risk of physical and sexual violence, and…
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Daniel B. Rodriguez: “Newlaw” and the New Lawyering

The legal industry has always been unsettled. The dynamic character of technological innovation (illustrated by Moore’s Law) makes our legal system less steady, but also more supple. We’re now in a period of “newlaw,” defined by qualitative and quantitative measures…
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Lucy Endel Bassli: The Modern Legal Ecosystem

The practice of law is being tested by increased constraints on resources, shifting workforce composition and increased global complexity. Law is beginning to move from a practice to an operation. This shift can be attributed to inviting outside skillsets (like…
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