The Future Is Now: Legal Services 2.017

Town Hall The Future Is Now


The Future Is Now: Legal Services 2.017 was a TED-like conference for lawyers. It featured nine talks delivered by leaders and innovators in the legal profession and four town hall meetings. The topics were on the cutting edge of leveraging technology and pushing our profession to “do law differently.”

Speakers highlighted alternative legal landscapes, justice through technology, preventative lawyering, blueprints for change, diversifying the workplace, data-driven lawyering, and more. Practitioners explored the multitude of changes affecting legal practice and new ways to equip lawyers to deliver more impact in the future.

Our profession is more dynamic than ever. Because it’s based largely on information—accessing it, analyzing it, applying it—the profession’s delivery of legal services has rapidly evolved in multi-dimensional ways. New approaches abound. One over-riding question was how we hang on to the core values of being a lawyer professional while embracing methods that better serve the public?



Check out these engaging topics on innovations in the delivery of legal services. Videos of the talks will be posted soon. Let’s continue to foster learning, inspiration and conversations that matter.


Jack Newton

Jack Newton: The Age of the Data-Driven Lawyer

Data has the power to transform industries. Before last year, the legal profession never used real-world data to capture industry insights. Eye-opening knowledge acquired from Clio’s 2016 Legal Trends Report showcased that lawyers may not be as productive as they…
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Ethan Katsh

Ethan Katsh: Online Justice: What Can Technology Deliver?

Our technology-intensive environment provides us with opportunities for innovation. At the same time, as the pace of change accelerates, more problems and disputes arise. Quite rightly, it has been written, “conflict is a growth industry.” Technology, in the form of…
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