The Future Is Now 2.017

The Future Is Now: Legal Services 2.017 was a TED-like conference for lawyers. On May 18, we brought together lawyers, law students, and other legal professionals to discuss innovations in delivering legal services; the goal was simple: to foster learning, inspiration, and conversations that matter.

Our profession is more dynamic than ever. Because it’s based largely on information—accessing it, analyzing it, applying it—the profession’s delivery of legal services has rapidly evolved in multi-dimensional ways. New approaches abound. One over-riding question was how we hang on to the core values of being a lawyer professional while embracing methods that better serve the public?

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Speakers came from across the country, and included lawyers, entrepreneurs, and professors. Each presented on the changes in our legal profession and how we can all shape the ongoing transformation.  Check out the talk videos below.  Share them with your colleagues. Let’s continue the conversations.

Jack Newton

Jack Newton: The Age of the Data-Driven Lawyer

Data has the power to transform industries. Before last year, the legal profession never used real-world data to capture industry insights. Eye-opening knowledge acquired from Clio’s 2016 Legal Trends Report showcased that lawyers may not be as productive as they think. The average utilization rate for lawyers was just 28%. Assuming an eig...
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Josh Kubicki

Josh Kubicki: Capturing and Delivering the Ever-Elusive “Value”

Lawyers and law firms have been struggling to define and deliver "value" for a long time. Individuals want value, and corporate legal departments are demanding it. But beyond excellent legal work-product and price, most are challenged to truly define value in crisp and easily understood terms. In an era of increased competition, the legal profe...
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Nicole Auerbach

Nicole Auerbach: Judging the Alternative Legal Landscape 10 Years Later

The practice of law has been evolving, albeit slowly. In the last decade, law firms have been distancing themselves from the billable hour, but is this a trend that is here to stay?  As clients demand more value, certainty and transparency in fee structure, what options will the profession offer and at what pace? In 2008, Valorem Law Group ...
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immigration legal services

Chase Hertel: Immigration Legal Services 2.0

The market for immigration legal services is at an all-time high, and the competition among attorneys for clients who can afford traditional services is growing. However, this also leaves many potential clients with modest incomes in a tough place. Unable to afford traditional services, but earning more than what would qualify for legal aid, ...
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Ethan Katsh

Ethan Katsh: Online Justice – What Can Technology Deliver?

Our technology-intensive environment provides us with opportunities for innovation. At the same time, as the pace of change accelerates, more problems and disputes arise. Quite rightly, it has been written, “conflict is a growth industry.” Technology, in the form of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), can also make conflict resolution and p...
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William Henderson

William Henderson: The Legal Profession’s Last Mile Problem

The biggest constraint on innovation in the legal industry is not the lack of workable technology, but rather the lack of a business model that rewards efficiency rather than production. It’s the legal profession’s “last mile” problem. Under the current system of charge and compensate based primarily on hourly production, there is tr...
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Dennis Garcia

Dennis Garcia: Diversity is the Future of the Legal Workplace

Technology isn’t the only thing changing the face of the profession. In the next 40 years, the United States will not have a single ethnic majority. As our population increasingly becomes more diverse, our clients and our colleagues will as well. Just as lawyers are tasked with adopting new technology to remain relevant, so too must the pr...
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