The Future Is Now 2.016

The Future Is Now: Legal Services 2.016 was a TED-like conference for lawyers. It featured eight talks delivered by leaders and innovators in the legal profession. These provocative and engaging talks underscored the need to deliver legal services in new ways and showcased how innovations were already making a difference in services.

Speakers highlighted a call to action on the access to justice problem, particularly the vast unmet civil legal needs of citizens and on the injustices in the criminal justice system, particularly sentencing guidelines. Speakers shared how firms or organizations are delivering legal services more efficiently through the use of technology. Speakers introduced regulatory changes that allow a new limited licensed lawyer to practice in Washington State and the idea of proactive rather than reactive regulation of lawyers.

In conclusion, we were reminded that professionalism principles are the bedrock of the legal system and propel us to develop better ways to serve our clients and society.

Resources & Report


Check out the videos of these thought-provoking talks on innovations in the delivery of legal services. Share them with your colleagues. Let’s continue to foster learning, inspiration and conversations that matter.

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Vincent Cornelius: The Winds of Change in Criminal Law

It is widely believed that the criminal justice system in America is built on a broken business model. For decades, the system has been very much constrained by a bend toward incarceration, and a struggle to grasp the holistic importance of treatment,…
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Ed Scanlan Talk

Ed Scanlan: Bringing the Law to the Living Room

Denise Stanton, a single mother of two children, lost her husband to cancer two years ago. She is inundated with medical bills from her deceased husband’s treatment. Furthermore, her six-year-old son, Jon, is disabled and needs regular home health care…
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2016 conference report

The Future Is Now 2.016 Resources & Report

Program materials related to the talks and the future delivery of legal services are provided below. We hope these resources inspire learning conversations about the delivery of, and access to, legal services in Illinois. Access to Justice in Illinois Executive…
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