Why 2Civility?

GreenlightThe name celebrates our mission, honors our heritage and echoes our evolution.  The Commission was formed to promote increased civility and professionalism. We do so both in person and through various media channels, including social media.

Why The Name 2Civility ?

After many months of research, consulting, and development, we have the green light on 2Civility as a new communications channel for the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism. “2” because we are fostering transformation. “Civility” because it is the moral code that binds us together not only as a society but as legal professionals, encouraging a productive exchange of perspectives and rejecting disrespect for individuals or classes of people. 2Civility will advocate and advance the highest standards of conduct among lawyers to better serve clients and society alike.

The journey to civility will gain momentum now that we are sporting 2Civility as the online moniker for the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism.  Goodbye unmemorable, unpronounceable, indecipherable ILSCCP.  Hello punchy, personable, identifiable 2Civility, which connects directly to the transformational work we do — connecting lawyers and inspiring change.

Technology allows us to more effectively strengthen our community of legal professionals, epitomized by the multi-colored dialogue box logo, representing the diversity and inclusion that is part of increased civility and professionalism.

What’s The Lawyer Spotlight?

The Lawyer Spotlight Series allows you to read about your colleagues and celebrate all of the good they do. If you know of a local lawyer who is a positive role model of professionalism, we encourage you to nominate him or her for this series.

Illinois has almost 60,000 square miles (almost 150,000 square kilometers for metric measurers).  Driving from Chicago to Carbondale takes over six hours. Such distances mean that Commission staff cannot meet any one group in person very often, and you may not meet your colleagues in person as often as you would like.

Yet the inter-active features of our new website connect the 90,000 attorneys in Illinois and many more beyond our borders. We will leverage social media to connect lawyers from various geographic locations on multiple topics involving civility and professionalism. 2Civility and beyond!

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