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Program Resources

Articles and publication related to the talks, future law and the future delivery of legal services are provided below. We hope these resources inspire learning conversations about the delivery of, and access to, legal services in Illinois.

Future Law Leadership

Best Practices in Mentoring, Coaching and Championing
Using Small Data To Make Big Decisions

Reports on Legal Industry

ABA Report on the Future of Legal Services
The Clio 2017 Legal Trends Report
2018 Report on the State of the Legal Market


Legal Tech Gurus Forecast How AI Will Impact Your Practice
You Don’t Need AI or Robot Lawyers to Automate Your Law Firm
Practice with the Robots: Use AI to Launch and Run Your Small Law Firm
Technology Can’t Solve All of Our Problems
The Algorithm as a Human Artifact: Implications for Legal [Re]Search
Results May Vary

Access to Legal Services

Legal Services Innovation Index
Legal Services Corporation 2017 Report: The Justice Gap
Self-Represented Litigation Network