Nicole Bradick: Law’s Interface Problem

Over the last two decades, the legal profession has made significant strides using technology to create greater access to legal information and support. Yet, the overwhelming majority of low-income Americans still do not have adequate help for their civil legal services.

With an onslaught of private technology offerings, law school programs, publicly funded projects, conferences, hackathons and more focused on addressing this issue, we still haven’t seemed to move the needle substantially.  What gives?

The issue lies in law’s interface problem. To successful provide meaningful legal information and services to the public, the profession must create more impactful digital products and improve the overall system of how we deliver legal services to the masses to see change.

About Nicole Bradick

Nicole BradickNicole Bradick is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Theory and Principle, a legal technology product design and development firm.  Prior to this, she served as a partner and Chief Strategy Officer at CuroLegal, a legal innovation firm.

Throughout the course of her career, Nicole has built several custom web and mobile applications that have reshaped the legal profession, including, Hate Crime Help, Veterans Legal Checkup, ABA Blueprint, and LawHub. As she continues to redesign the profession, Nicole is often published and quoted in national publications, including the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the ABA Journal, Venture Beat, and many more. As an ABA Journal “Legal Rebel”, she regularly speaks at global legal and technology events, including South by Southwest, Reinvent Law, and ABA TECHSHOW.  In 2014, Nicole was named on of Fastcase 50 list of global legal innovators.