With Deepest Thanks

Happy ThanksgivingThanksgiving is a holiday to recall all the people to whom you are immensely grateful this year. We at the Commission suffer from an abundance of riches. As our mission is based on building collaborative relationships, we have been privileged to work with so many great people and organizations devoted to keeping professionalism at the forefront of the Illinois bar and bench. We have mentioned many of these people throughout the year and we wanted to do so here again, as well as acknowledge a few other things for which we are grateful. So here we go and in no particular order:

Thank you to the Illinois attorneys who took the time to complete our 2014 Civility survey.

Thank you to those who been interviewed for our Lawyer Spotlight Series – it is our privilege to highlight the many talented attorneys in our state.

Thank you to the lawyers who volunteer their time to ensure that our democratic processes run smoothly.

Thank you to our law school liaisons and student interns who keep us young, and more importantly, informed on the vital issues affecting law schools today.

Thank you to all of the Illinois attorneys, new and experienced, who have participated in the Court’s lawyer-to-lawyer mentoring program.

Thank you to those boys from Jackie Robinson West for a wonderful summer and sharing with us a needed lesson on inclusion.

Thank you to our collaborators – including our mentoring program administrators, our CLE Advisory Group and our law school orientation facilitators – for helping promote our mission of professionalism.

Thank you to CREEP for reminding us why we have needed the Rules of Professional Conduct these past 45 years.

Thank you to all of you readers for joining us on our Journey2Civility.

And finally, thank you to the deep, abiding and inevitably fruitless hope that lets us believe that this Chicago winter will be far better than the last.

Thank you everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!

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