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Happy-New-YearA big thank you to our readers in this, our last blog post of 2013! It has been two years since the Commission’s initial foray into social media. We determined that engaging four generations of lawyers and judges in the professionalism movement necessarily entailed reaching many, if not most, of them through digital channels–and so the ride began.

For someone who started practicing law before the internet and even before computers, the learning curve for me (not so for all our staff) has been really steep. And the thrill has been worth it.

As most of you probably know, the social media data that may be generated “in the back office” is extensive–even overwhelming. When we started, we thought some dedicated younger souls might read a blog on professionalism topics. We are gratified to report that we underestimated the number of dedicated souls.

Pro-Say-Blog-DataIn 2012, our blog received 418,674 page views (monthly average of 34,890) whereas during the first 11 months of 2013, our page views were 894,105 (monthly average of 81,282). The total number of hours spent on the site through November was a whopping 14,902. Obviously, many people care about professionalism and how to keep and enhance the core values of the legal profession even as we embrace the changes impacting the way we practice law.

Engagement on our other social media channels also grew by over 100%. Our LinkedIn connections grew by 175%. Twitter followers increased from 437 at the end of 2012 to 720 at the end of November this year. During the same time period, Facebook likes went from 1,325 to 1,898. The demographics of our Facebook reach surprisingly show that 35-44 year olds are the largest percentage of our readers followed in order by those aged 45-54, 25-34, and last are those in the 55-64 year age range. Wonder why this distribution?

We have received wonderful thoughtful comments on our blog posts and tweets–many via email. We appreciate all of the comments and all of our readers.

If you are so moved, please submit blog ideas or even guest blog posts for possible publication. You may have noticed that we occasionally publish a guest blog. In 2014, we look forward to expanding the voices and perspectives on our blog and other digital media channels. The more we share differing perspectives and active engagement on cutting edge issues affecting the practice of law, the better prepared we all will be to use our skills and talents for maximum effect in 2014 and beyond.

Happy New Year!

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Jayne Reardon
As a prior trial lawyer, Jayne leads lawyers to embrace the transformative possibilities of future law practice. As a prior disciplinary counsel, Jayne is passionate about promoting the core values of the legal profession. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School and the University of Notre Dame. Jayne lives in Park Ridge, Illinois with her husband and those of her four children who are not otherwise living in college towns and beyond.
Jayne Reardon

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