Sponsoring Organizations

sponsoring organizationsRoughly 100 sponsoring organizations across the state offer mentoring programs for their employees, members or alumni.

Bar associations, law firms, law schools and government agencies all have somewhat different objectives for their mentoring programs, but all share a common goal: to promote integrity, professionalism and civility among the newest members of our profession through the passing on of the wisdom and experience of more seasoned attorneys.

Listed within these categories are the sponsoring organizations that the Commission has approved to administer mentoring programs for CLE credit.

Open Enrollment Programs

Mentees and mentors may select a sponsoring organization from the open enrollment programs. Some sponsoring organizations have a membership requirement for participation.

Bar AssociationsCourtsLaw SchoolsProfessional Groups

In-House Programs

Law firm, government and corporate in-house programs are offered to the organization’s employees. In-house programs do not register attorneys for their mentoring programs who are not employees.

Government Offices Law Firms Corporate

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