Upcoming Legal Mentoring Conference in Denver

mentoring conferenceThis spring, the National Legal Mentoring Consortium (NLMC) is hosting its biennial mentoring conference May 5-7 in Denver, Colorado – Mentoring: Now More Important Than Ever. 

Held at the Carr Judicial Center, this three-day event will offer lawyers, judges, law professors, state court administrators, bar officials, law firm managers and other legal professionals the opportunity to discuss their unique mentoring programs and support those looking to launch a program of their own.

Paulette Brown, president of the ABA, Lori Keating, attorney services counsel and secretary of the Supreme Court of Ohio Commission on Professionalism, Michael Hunter Schwartz, dean of the University of Arkansas William H. Bowen School of Law, and Jayne Reardon, executive director of the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism will be some of the key speakers at this year’s conference.

Each speaker will shed light on the importance of mentoring for our ever-changing profession, offer guidance for developing or improving a mentoring program, and discuss how diversity and inclusion enhance these programs.

The mentoring conference registration is ongoing until May, but early bird registration ends March 19.

If cost is as a barrier, the National Legal Mentoring Consortium is providing a limited number of scholarships to cover the cost of the conference registration fee. If interested, please send an email to Sharon Williams with your contact information along with the reason you are applying for the scholarship by April 15, 2016.  All scholarships will be awarded by the Executive Committee of the NLMC.

Mentoring is key to success in the legal profession. It doesn’t just solely benefit the mentor and mentee. All legal professionals and organizations benefit from partaking in it, which is why so many law firms, bar groups, and law schools create mentoring programs.

Mentoring programs have multiple benefits for different legal organizations. For law firms, they support CLE compliance, help lawyers develop professional skills, and strengthen the relationships among attorneys. For law schools, they keep alumni actively involved after graduation. And for bar associations, they can help the organization attract new members.

The legal profession is evolving. Its embracing technology and new forms of legal services abounds. As change remains constant, it’s vital that legal professionals work together to stay in the know of the newest sets of best practices, making mentoring more important now than ever.

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