Legal Services Are Now Available At Your Local Walmart

walmart legal servicesDiscounted legal services are a new item that Canadians can add to their holiday shopping lists.

Consumers can now “shop better and live better” at their local Walmart stores knowing that access to justice is readily available at “unbeatable prices.”

Axess Law is a law firm located within various Walmart locations in the Toronto area. The firm provides legal services seven days a week, charging flat fees for a wide array of legal services, including real estate, wills, family, immigration, and personal injury.

Currently, Axess Law has ten locations open to the Canadian public. By the end of 2016, it could have as many as eighteen.

According to an article in the Financial Post, discount law isn’t a new concept in the area. It’s actually been around for several years, just not at this high of a volume.

Axess Law boasts that its accessibility and affordability make its approach to the law unique. But how will their legal services measure up to more traditional small law firms and solo practitioners? And will Walmart’s entry into the market help the public see legal services as an affordable household necessity?

Canada is already further along than the United States when it comes to innovating the legal profession. Could something like this take off here? What do you think?

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Erika Kubik

Erika Kubik

Former Communications Specialist at Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism
Erika is the former Communications Specialist for the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism. She successfully developed strategies to increase 2Civility’s social presence across channels. As a recent graduate of Bradley University, Erika received her Bachelor of Arts studying Public Relations and Social Media Marketing where her passion for writing and brand development took flight. Outside of the office, Erika works to develop her own personal brand as she takes on Chicago for the first time having grown up just outside of the Greater St. Louis area. Though she may not be accustomed to the deep dish pizza as a Celiac, she has found the Windy City to be quite accommodating to her active lifestyle as a runner and fitness fanatic.
Erika Kubik

One thought on “Legal Services Are Now Available At Your Local Walmart

  1. Poor Service at Axess!!

    This was my worst experience ever! The only time I got a timely reply from the lawyer/owner was the first time when he was trying to recruit business. Everything after was a mess. We met at the Richmond Hill office a few days prior to closing and there was no privacy at all. We waited for 45 minutes because the documents were not ready. There was another lawyer at the office and he didn’t even bother to greet us. After the clerk did the paper work he just stamped. Then they messed up with the date of closing and they blamed on the fax being unclear. On the day of closing they had no idea when the key to the apartment was. They said they would call me about the key and I had never heard from them after. I had to make so many phone calls and finally I got the key from the builder 3 days after closing. Terrible service. Will not recommend it to anyone. Painful!

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