Chief Justice Garman Brings the Supreme Court to the People

The Illinois Supreme Court will be taking to the road next week, hearing two oral arguments in the historic courthouse in Ottawa. It is part of the Court’s and Chief Justice Rita B. Garman’s initiative “to bring the Court to the people we serve” and its continuing goal for transparency in the judicial process.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments beginning at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 in the Third District Appellate Courthouse, 1004 Columbus Street, Ottawa, Ill. The Appellate Court building was originally built, and completed in 1860, to house the Illinois Supreme Court when it traveled to three locations —Ottawa, Mount Vernon and Springfield.

The May 21 program reaches out to area teachers, schools and students. In addition to the Supreme Court, the program is sponsored by the Illinois State Bar Association, the Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission, the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts and the Third District Appellate Court.

The Administrative Office will record and post the video of the arguments to the Court’s website.

The public is invited, though seating will be limited in the courtroom and in an adjoining room where the arguments can be viewed and heard on a monitor.

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