Facebook Poses Ethical Questions

Last month we began charting the progress of “Ali,” the next generation attorney. Fresh out of law school, Ali just decided to start up her own employment practice.

Ali’s been working out of her parents’ basement because, well, times are hard.  She tried Google AdWords and an online lawyer directory, but neither of them led to any business opportunities.  She’s ready to try something new.  Let’s give her some more ethics and professionalism advice.

Ali spends a great deal of time visiting chat rooms, Tweeting interesting articles, and posting on her “Employment Law for Millennials” blog.  Finally, Ali’s parents take her aside.  They tell her that, while Web 2.0 is important, it doesn’t hurt to try the old school way – in-person networking.  So Ali decides attend a bar association event.

At the event, Ali sees a parent of one of her friends from high school.  The parent is now a state court judge.  He tells Ali to be patient and hang in there – the clients will come.  Later that evening, Ali sees a Facebook friend request from the judge.   Ali wonders if she can accept the Facebook request.  More…

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