Cheating Hurts Entire Profession

If you’re not a Tigers or Indians fan, you probably don’t know Jhonny Peralta.   Jhonny is a Dominican player, originally with the Cleveland Indians then traded to my favorite baseball team, the Detroit Tigers.  Jhonny was named to the All-Star team in 2011 and carried the Tigers to the World Series in 2012.  All wonderful things.  That is until this year when he was suspended for being a drug cheat.

Baseball has had a drug problem for years.  Many of us remember Sosa-McGwire in 1998.  But we also remember the congressional hearings, the dirty syringes, the Mitchell Report, and the false claims of disbelief from baseball management.

It was supposed to have gotten better.  Players had cleaned up their acts.  Drug testing had improved.  Baseball was no longer turning a blind eye.  Until a company called “Biogenesis” emerged.  Biogenesis was a health clinic in South Florida that, among other things, provided baseball players with performance enhancing drugs.  Either through drug testing or witness testimony, Major League Baseball suspended various players linked to the clinic.  More…

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Michelle Silverthorn

Michelle Silverthorn

After spending seventeen years living in the Caribbean, Michelle undertook a number of around-the-world detours before ending up at the doorstep of the Commission, including four years as a general litigator in New York and Chicago. She remembers pretty much everyone she’s met in her travels but she would especially like to meet again the passengers on a January 2001 flight from Miami to JFK. At the pilot’s request, they donated enough money for Michelle, who had her wallet stolen, to get back to college safely. She would very much like to tell them all thanks.
Michelle Silverthorn

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