Avvo Legal Services Closes Its Doors

Last week, Avvo, the fixed-fee, limited scope legal services provider announced that it will be closing its operation. The news comes after countless lawsuits filed against the company and eight different state bar associations issued ethics opinions in the last…
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summary judgement practice of law

ISBA Summary Judgment Further Defines “Practice of Law”

This June, the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) won summary judgment in a lawsuit against the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) regarding whether an attorney representing a client in a property tax proceeding violates the Appraisal Act,…
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Lance Northcutt

Commissioner Spotlight: Lance Northcutt

I decided that I was going to become a lawyer the moment I walked into my first courtroom, seeing a jury trial at age 11. My uncle was a detective in Area 65 in crimes at the time, and he took…
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lap annual training event

LAP Hosts Annual Training in Carbondale and Chicago

The legal profession has struggled with mental health and substance abuse issues for years. Annually, lawyers continue to top the lists of professions with the lowest quality of life when considering overall well-being. And for many lawyers and legal organizations,…
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cloc diversity report

CLOC Releases Corporate Legal Department Diversity Report

Ever heard of the CLOC? The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium is a non-profit organization on a mission to optimize legal service delivery models and create a seamless legal ecosystem that delivers corporate legal support to small, medium, and large businesses…
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