David Cerda

Justice David Cerda: First Latino Judge in Illinois

Justice David Cerda shares the unique trajectory of his groundbreaking legal career. Born in Chicago to immigrants who fled the Mexican Revolution, Justice Cerda was the first person in his family to graduate from high school. After a brief stint…
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Jill Wine Banks History Project

Jill Wine-Banks: Hopeful Solutions for Change

Jill Wine-Banks shares unique perspectives gained from decades of experience as a lawyer. She started her legal career at a time when help wanted ads were divided by gender and people generally stayed at one firm for thirty years or…
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Martha Mills

Martha Mills: Champion for Civil Rights

Retired Judge Martha Mills was a champion for civil rights throughout her storied career. As a judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County and since she has retired, Judge Mills has promoted restorative justice as a method for resolving…
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James Montgomery inspiring lawyers

James Montgomery Inspiring Lawyers To Serve

I was so honored to have had the opportunity to interview Chicago attorney James Montgomery.  In this video of our conversation, he reflects on what drew him to the law as a career, his work in both the public and…
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Judge William Bauer

William Bauer: More than Just a Decent Man

Judge Bauer of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals shares his perspectives about mentoring and the source of his greatest hope about the future of the profession.  He talks about how the rule of law as the bedrock of our…
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Thomas Fitzgeral Professionalism Champion

Thomas Fitzgerald: Champion of Process

As he humbly recounts his heroic accomplishments of cleaning up the traffic court, instituting night court for criminal drug cases in order to best use limited resources in the fairest manner, and presiding over the historical impeachment trial of former…
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Ilana Rovner: Civility in the Legal Profession

Judge Ilana Rovner discusses the importance of civility in our legal culture and how her passion for civility led her to pursue a career in the law, leading to her current position as judge for the United States Court of…
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Ann Claire Williams: Advice for Lawyers

There is only so little time in a young lawyer’s work schedule to engage in pro bono, Judge Ann Claire Williams of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals readily acknowledged in my interview with her. However, it is important that…
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Thomas Sullivan: Legend and Icon

You may separately read about his landmark accomplishments in criminal and civil litigation at Jenner & Block and as the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois. Thomas P. Sullivan is a legend and icon in the legal community. In…
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