future workplace

Leading the Future Workplace

The legal profession is undergoing unprecedented change. Law school enrollment is down. Law school debt is up. Clients are looking for quicker, faster, cheaper work. And start-ups are exploiting inefficiencies in the legal market. The profession is changing more quickly…
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black judges

Why Black Judges Matter

Crain’s recent article on the lack of black male federal judicial appointments in the 7th Circuit has generated some strong comments. I agree that diversity on the bench is important. But I take issue with the overly simplistic finger-pointing at…
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Generation Gap

The Generation Gap

Two Views of Being an Attorney Hurts the Old and the Young As a millennial, I often hear the same complaint from my fellow young female lawyers: “Why is it so hard to find a female mentor?” Digging deeper, there…
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Legal Management: Leaders in Waiting

On January 1, 2011, the first Baby Boomers turned 65 years old . Every day since, 10,000 Boomers have turned 65. This will continue for the next 14 years. And then, one December night in 2029, the very last Baby…
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24/7 workplace

Legal Management: Welcome to the 24/7 Workplace

What will the future millennial‐led workplace look like? If today’s trends continue, we can say one thing about that future workplace — it will exist 24/7. When I teach intergenerational workplace dynamics, I spend a great deal of time discussing…
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gender pay gap

The Pay Gap In The Legal Field Is Significant

In March, the Census Bureau released new data in honor of Women’s History Month. Once again, among full-time, year-round civilian workers across all occupations, women were reported as earning 78.8 cents to every dollar earned by men. The new data,…
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Working Mothers Legal Career

Easier To Exit Than Return

It’s no secret: women attorneys leave the legal industry at a much higher rate than men do. Despite making up nearly half of law school classes, women comprise only 34 percent of the attorney population. Reasons for that differential abound…
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Mentoring Sponsorship

Sponsorship: A Step Beyond Mentoring

Fortunately, there is not much debate on the value of mentoring for new lawyers. According to a 2013 National Association for Law Placement (NALP) study, The State of Mentoring in the Legal Profession, nearly 90% of all law firms surveyed…
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Interupt Gender Bias of Speaking

Why Don’t Women Talk More

Stereotypically speaking, women talk a lot. Statistically speaking, men talk more – at least within professional settings. Men tend to speak more frequently, loudly and dominantly than their female colleagues, which has effectively silenced many women in the workplace. The…
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