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Seek Answers in an Ever-Changing Profession

The advancement of legal technology and artificial intelligence is changing the nature of our work. And the pace of this technological progress is not slowing down. It’s merely the beginning of a technological revolution.   As our world is changing, lawyers are adapting. They are forming task forces, launching start-ups, developing apps, and participating…
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Why a Growth Mindset Matters for the Oscars and the Law

There’s an interesting controversy that you may have missed on Sunday’s Oscars. It has to do with streaming v. theater releases. On one side is a very deep-pocketed Netflix that continues churning out streaming movie after streaming movie, spending billions…
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Interest in Future Law Grows: The Future Is Now 2.018

Our future law conference is back! Every year, interest in future law topics grows. The number of legal tech start-ups continues to increase. Developments in technology enable more efficient work. And we are not just talking about speeding up the…
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Forward Looking Legal Profession: Reality or Oxymoron?

“The future may be unknowable, but it’s not unthinkable.” That line from the introduction to Bruce MacEwen’s book Tomorrowland: Scenarios for law firms beyond the horizon really stuck with me. As lawyers, we should think about what is coming around…
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competency-based CLE

Competency-Based CLE: Has the Time Come?

“Time is a very poor proxy for learning.” That statement at our Futures Conference a couple months back by Darth Vaughn, a California lawyer and principal of technology assessment and learning company Procertas, really resonated with me. Darth was advocating…
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Unlocking Untapped Value: The Future is Now

This is the second in a three-part blog series on last month’s conference The Future is Now: Legal Services 2.017 that took place in Chicago. A dominant theme that emerged from many of the speakers’ TED-like talks was the evolving…
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access to justice

Addressing Access To Justice: The Future Is Now

We are excited to share with you some of our favorite moments from this year’s The Future Is Now Conference. On a warm, sunny May 18, nine speakers from across the country and approximately 400 law students, legal educators, attorneys,…
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online dispute resolution

Online Dispute Resolution

Have you ever ordered something online and had a problem with the purchase?  A dispute about the quality, charge, etc. Did it get resolved online or did you file a complaint in a court? More than likely, you exchanged documentation…
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alternative fee arrangements

Embrace Alternative Fee Arrangements; Kill the Billable Hour

The billable hour undermines professionalism. It incentivizes lawyer inefficiencies and undermines client confidence. Alternative fee arrangements align the incentives of lawyers and clients and should become the norm. Despite Reports, the Billable Hour is Not Dead When I started practicing,…
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Sure, Your Clients Want Value, But How?

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” ~Warren Buffet quoting Benjamin Graham (2008 Annual Report of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.)   If you were to ask seasoned lawyers to describe their job to a classroom of students, you…
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Alternative Business Structures Hidden Figures

The Disruption of Alternative Business Structures

It used to be that any services provided by a lawyer were legal services and only a lawyer could provide those services.  Not anymore.  Alternative legal service providers are everywhere. And in some jurisdictions of the world, professionals in addition…
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