Blogging for Our Legal Profession: Thanks 2014 Readers!

Blogging for Our Legal ProfessionWe appreciate you, fellow travelers on this professionalism quest. In 2014, we have published slightly over 100 blog posts written by commissioners, staff, and guest bloggers. We are grateful that some of you have shared comments and sent emails in response.

The idea of this blog is to engage lawyers and all who care about the legal profession in a dialogue about ways to improve. Ways to improve ourselves as legal professionals and ways to improve service to our clients and to our communities.

The topics of our blogs tend to focus on the aspects of professionalism above and beyond the compliance-based ethical rules that every practicing lawyer must obey. We delve into the broad topics of professionalism, civility, diversity and wellness. Also leadership and future law.

As you may have noticed, we like to share thoughts on the meaning and effect of professionalism amid the rapidly changing effects of technology on the way we educate lawyers and practice law.

Here are some of our more popular blog posts of 2014:

We wish you a peaceful and professional 2015! Please continue to engage with us on our blog and all our social media channels. Your comments inspire us. Let’s together change the professionalism landscape.

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