Why Bar Membership Is Worth the Dues – Especially for Young Lawyers

This is always the busiest time of the annual bar season. Bar associations across the state are working hard to recruit new members, keep old members, and ensure that their programming and content stay relevant.

My advice to attorneys just starting their careers? You will not find a resource as valuable or as easy to access as the young lawyers’ section of a bar association. But don’t take my word for it; hear what four young bar leaders have to say about why young attorneys should join bar associations and young lawyer sections, and what the future holds for bar membership.

How can young attorneys benefit from bar associations?  READ MORE

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Michelle Silverthorn

Michelle Silverthorn

After spending seventeen years living in the Caribbean, Michelle undertook a number of around-the-world detours before ending up at the doorstep of the Commission, including four years as a general litigator in New York and Chicago. She remembers pretty much everyone she’s met in her travels but she would especially like to meet again the passengers on a January 2001 flight from Miami to JFK. At the pilot’s request, they donated enough money for Michelle, who had her wallet stolen, to get back to college safely. She would very much like to tell them all thanks.
Michelle Silverthorn

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