As The Law Changes Mentoring Does Too

Lawyers generally agree that mentoring for new lawyers is more important than ever.  Today’s challenging job market, the ever-increasing complexity of every practice area, and the greater speed with which we are asked to get things done, all contribute to an increased need for sharing accumulated knowledge and experience with the newest members of our profession.

Some have suggested that our growing reliance on electronic communication has had a negative impact on the informal lawyer-to-lawyer training that used to happen naturally and automatically.  Whatever the causes, members of The National Legal Mentoring Consortium are determined to address the need.

An industry group of administrators of mentoring programs sponsored by law schools, law firms, bar associations, and state supreme courts, the NLMC holds a conference every other year to exchange ideas related to mentoring in the legal profession.  Nearly 120 people gathered in Columbus, Ohio, earlier this month from all over the country, offering a rich mix of approaches to legal mentoring. Some of the trends and topics discussed this year might fit into your workplace.  READ MORE

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